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Are you an aspiring or amateur flutist looking to improve your skills? 

Are you a beginning flutist who wants focused one-on-one attention to make sure that you are off to a strong start with your flute fundamentals?


Are you an intermediate or advanced player looking to level up your flute skills in order to take Honor Band, All-State Band or College auditions?


Are you an adult amateur who played the flute many years ago and would like to reengage with your skills?

In Carey's studio flutists ages 10 and up of all levels are welcome! She teaches private flute lessons both online and in person at various schools in the Metropolitan Atlanta area.  I

Carey has been teaching privately for the past 14 years. She currently teaches middle and high school students as well as adult amateurs of all levels.

Carey's students have consistently been selected for District Honor Band and All-State Band. They have also received Superior ratings at the Georgia Music Educators Association Solo and Ensemble festival and been selected to participate in Mid-fest and Jan-fest at the University of Georgia. Her students have also participated in various honor bands offered in the state of Georgia. They are also consistently selected for principal chairs in their band program's advanced band.  Many have also received scholarships to participate in college band programs. 

Carey has been extremely fortunate to have some amazing flute teachers throughout her career and she strongly believes that it is her duty to share her talents and knowledge with the next generation of aspiring flutists. Carey believes in instilling in her students a love of flute and flute repertoire. She never wants private lessons to be a source of stress or anxiety for students therefore she tries to create an environment where experimentation and trying new things is welcome.  Carey wants students to feel comfortable knowing that they can come to lessons to work out difficult aspects of flute playing in a supportive environment.  


Headshot of Carey E Moore

Carey's  teaching style is collaborative, she believes in listening to what the student’s goals are for lessons. During the introductory lesson she always asks students what their short and long term musical goals are. Once the goals are set we develop a plan together of how to achieve those goals. Carey believes lessons should be student centered and she always begins every lesson by asking the student what went well in the last week and what gave them trouble. Carey wants to make sure that any problems are dealt with in the lesson so that the student can leave feeling confident about things that may have felt stressful.  


Carey involves the student in the processing of choosing repertoire. She strongly believes that if the student likes the music they are learning the more likely they are to practice and successfully learn the material.  Every student will have level appropriate choices for solo pieces and etudes to pick from.  Carey believes this helps the student feel like part of the process as opposed to always being told what they have to work on.  


Weekly lessons are encouraged as students will have better outcomes in achieving their musical goals if they are able to have a weekly private lesson in order to track progress and have any questions or concerns addressed.  Students are required to practice outside of lessons.  The student and Carey will decide on a selected amount of time each day that should be spent on their flute practice. Students who regularly practice between lessons will advance much quicker than those who do not.  

Benefits of taking private flute lessons:


Weekly one on one lesson that will focus on exactly what your strengths and weaknesses are.


Learn how to practice efficiently and effectively


Have a structured plan designed just for you to help you reach your goals.


Build a solid foundation of flute fundamentals that will ensure you have

proper tone, technique, hand position and posture.

How does it work?

         Step 1 

Send Carey a message through the link below! 

       Step 2 

Schedule your introductory lesson so we can meet and discuss your goals.

        Step 3 

We will meet and discuss needed materials, payment options and lesson times.

Here are what some of Carey's past and present students are saying!

"Carey is personable and professional. My son's technique and ability improved dramatically in the first year with Carey for private instruction. She is very easy to work with, both for my son and for me. She has helped him with his music for marching band, for concert band, to get ready for auditions, etc. Could not be happier with our choice of instructor!"

Stephanie Jackson (Student's parent)

Stephanie (Student's Mother)

Your Investment in Flute Lessons 

30 Minutes




Ideal for Beginning Flutists

45 Minutes 


Ideal for Intermediate Flutists

60 Minutes 


Ideal for Advanced


Here’s what others have asked!


What are my payment options?

Lesson tuition can be paid monthly, biweekly or weekly


What payment methods are accepted?

Lesson tuition can be paid via Venmo, CashApp, Zelle, PayPal, Check, Cash or Credit Card via Square.


Do you offer an introductory lesson?

Absolutely! I recommend booking a 30 minute lesson so that we can meet and discuss what your flute goals are and to make sure that I am a good fit for you.  We will also discuss what materials will be needed for lessons and I will provide any necessary links where the materials can be ordered.


I don't have a flute yet, can we still meet and talk?

Absolutely! I am happy to schedule a 30 minute introductory lesson and discuss flute options and recommend the best place to purchase a flute that will accommodate your budget.


I have more questions, how can I get in touch?

Click the link below and send me a message! I am happy to answer any and all questions you may have! 

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